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    Confess Deborah Isaiah For Crush Date

    Crush Date!

    Valentine's Day may have passed, but there's no better time than now to ask your crush on a date!

    At Krashy, @Gubia turned on the Valentine Crush Date feature just for you. Confess your feelings to your crush and ask @Deborah Isaiah out on a date!. You can now make your love confessions and take the first step towards a romantic Valentine's Day.

    So, what are you waiting for? Get started and ask @Deborah Isaiah on a date now!

    Ask Date!

    Are You Nervous? Don't be.

    Hey there, love-struck traveler! Before you take the leap and confess your feelings to your crush, let's make sure we have all the details sorted out. Based on the preferences set by your crush @Deborah Isaiah , here's what you need to know before crafting the perfect date confession:

    Not Set Yet. Ask to set from normal confessions box in profile

    @Deborah Isaiah lets you decide the Date/Time:
    Confession Box: